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Interior Design Professional Based in Maryland.


Alison graduated from the University of Oregon earning a five-year professional degree in Interior Architecture, making her uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of multifaceted and complex design problems.

Alison began her career in design working for 12 years with a top-rated Architecture Firm designing multiple high end residences. One year later Alison created and launched her own company, Alison Hunter Interior Design in 2003. With experience ranging from 10,000SF ground-up residential construction to multi-level renovations to one-room decorating projects, Alison brings a vast knowledge, unique solutions, creative ideas, and total commitment to each project.

"The powerful effect of my own environment and its positive influence is key to my mental health and well-being. I believe everyone deserves a space that reflects themselves and fully supports their lifestyle. I want to help each one of my clients achieve the joy of living life in a space that works for them."

Alison Bassin


The most successful projects are most often a mix of design styles. Our personal favorite is a combination incorporating organic modern,  traditional, mid-century and Scandinavian. 

our style

We recently completed a whole house renovation for a family who felt as though their home was not right for them. They were effectively looking for a new house. They didn't feel connected or comfortable at home. Once the design was complete and the build-out was executed they feel in love with their home.  They frequently call to tell us how much they love their home and no longer want to escape the city on  weekends to head to their vacation house. This is why we love what we do. It's a special privilege to be welcomed into a persons life and offered the opportunity to co-create with them, a space that supports, uplifts and represents who they are. 

Our goal is to transform your house, making it feel like your home...just prettier.